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· From Block-based to Python
· For software and hardware 

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Leading Coding Education

All with Fun

Discover How Coding Works On and Off the Computer.

Gamified Coding

Transform complex coding concepts into captivating adventures, where every step is a rewarding discovery.

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Real-life Projects

Bridge the digital and physical worlds with hardwares, empowering real-world innovation.

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One-Click with Ease

Switch from Block-based to Python.

Start with drag-and-drop coding blocks..jpg__PID:fed4511c-9e9c-4e6b-9f60-bf5cbdf5a5a301.png__PID:55a40d7a-2820-4574-8dc3-6552b79357ba

Start with drag-and-drop coding blocks.

Preview the Python mode with one click..jpg__PID:9e9c4e6b-5f60-4f5c-bdf5-a5a39d97951902.png__PID:a40d7a28-20a5-440d-8365-52b79357ba5e

Preview the Python mode with one click.

Use Python IDE to do text-based coding..jpg__PID:40d0fed4-511c-4e9c-8e6b-5f60bf5cbdf503.png__PID:0d7a2820-a574-4dc3-a552-b79357ba5e43

Use Python IDE to do text-based coding.

More Beyond Code

The Full-edge Platform for Learning, Teaching, and Innovating

More Beyond Code.jpg__PID:511c9e9c-4e6b-4f60-bf5c-bdf5a5a39d97More Beyond Code.jpg__PID:4552a764-1f1d-4d55-b75e-7cb1c013b70c


Satisfied Users


Schools‘ Choices


Leading Coding Education

Explore State-of-the-art Topics, and Create

Artificial Intelligence

mBlock integrates Microsoft Cognitive Services and Google Teachable Machine, making these powerful tools accessible even for young learners.

Data Science

Through mCloud, seamlessly collect and visualize data from networkable hardware, empowering you to explore the world of IoT education and real-world applications.

Electronics & Robotics

Program microcontroller (yes, even robots!) with drag-and-drop blocks or Python. Create games, animations, and competitions for an interactive soft-hardware learning experience.

Developer Tool

mBlock's developer tools allow educators, creators, and developers to rapidly design custom extensions, integrate third-party devices (including Arduino, micro:bit and etc.), and create engaging stage extensions.

Dive into the world of coding

From Concepts to Creations

Dive into the world of coding.jpg__PID:78731d1e-e25a-4d81-b0ec-17c024acd87e
Dive into the world of coding.jpg__PID:dbf34552-a764-4f1d-9d55-f75e7cb1c013


of teachers agreed

Offering a visual programming environment(like mBlock's drag-and-drop coding) is the most important when choosing a coding platform for the class.


of students used

mBlock to create robotics projects, and 59.1% found it makes coding tangible and interactive.


of educators agreed

Introducing the Internet of Things (IoT) with mBlock helps their coding teaching.

Connect to the Physical World with CyberPi

Transfrom CyberPi into a cool step counter with the built-in gyroscope. Easily track your daily steps, whether you're walking or running!

Choose Your Course

mBlock Software Basic Courses.jpg__PID:de2e802f-2214-4d95-a3be-2bb8ad377382

mBlock Software Basic Courses

Frame 1321319446.png__PID:bdb5329b-96d0-4370-9eb6-10bb0271622b

· Easy to start

· Visual coding

· Game & Animation

CyberPi Basic Courses.jpg__PID:49b0de2e-802f-4214-8d95-e3be2bb8ad37

CyberPi Basic Courses

Frame 1321319440.png__PID:52bdb532-9b96-4063-b01e-b610bb027162

· Sensors technology

· Real-life projects

· Learn through play

mBot2 Basic Courses.jpg__PID:7a49b0de-2e80-4f22-940d-95e3be2bb8ad

mBot2 Basic Courses

Frame 1321319446.png__PID:bdb5329b-96d0-4370-9eb6-10bb0271622b

· AI learning

· Robotics projects

· Hands-on skills

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